The ENORASIS Service Platform

ENORASIS is a server based system that gathers data from satellite observations and remote sensing field equipment and exploits meteorological forecasting models to provide high spatial accuracy estimations for irrigation water needs, by taking into account information on specific crops and other factors affecting the irrigation process. These estimations are transformed in optimal irrigation rules (using FAO56 model) that are communicated to ENORASIS end users(farmers) via web or mobile. 

Identification information about each landzone is saved in the Land Management Subsystem. In the fields, sensors and water valves are deployed. The sensors collect raw data about various parameters affecting irrigation management (soil moisture, air temperature and humidity, solar radiation, wind speed, rain gage) and send their measurements to the ENORASIS application server. The water valves also send the valve activity for each landzone to the ENORASIS application server. Meteorological forecast data that derive from running meteorological forecasting models over satellite images come daily to the server and include a forecast for the next 72 hours. The Decision Support Subsystem combines:

  • information on the sensors
  • the meteorological forecasts
  • the Irrigation Knowledge Base parameters derived from using FAO56 model and
  • information for each landzone in the system

in order to create the daily individual irrigation plan for each case.

Users can access the ENORASIS system mainly by a web browser. The web platform is used by all the system actors (e.g. farmers, watering authorities, consultants and administrators) to perform their daily tasks.

Most of the functionalities offered by the web application are also provided by the mobile application, developed for Android smartphones. ENORASIS mobile application is available in http://goo.gl/yKB7U.#sthash.ZQ8U1ngq.dpuf