In this section you will view all the news about the ENORASIS project.

  • 07/01/2015 ENORASIS project has terminated!

    Thank you all for your support! To meet in another projects promoting sustainable irrigation in Europe!

  • 07/01/2015 The results of ENORASIS final conference (November 27th 2014, Patras, Greece)

    ENORASIS final conference entitled "The future of sustainable irrigation management in Europe" was organized as a satellite whole day event of IRLA 2014 International Symposium on November 27th 2014, at Astir Patras Hotel, Patras, Greece. The event comprised of two technical sessions (technologies and innovations about sustainable irrigation management and water policies and strategies)...

  • 21/11/2014 ENORASIS Final Conference at IRLA 2014 International Symposium- The final programme

    A few days left before the major final conference of ENORASIS "The future of sustainable irrigation management in Europe" that will be hosted as a parallel event of IRLA 2014 International Symposium on November 27th 2014 at Hotel Astir, Patras, Greece.  Whole day event, with two technical sessions presenting technologies and innovations and water policies and strategies and a...

  • 19/11/2014 ENORASIS workshops in Poland

    Two ENORASIS workshops were organized in Poland in the last two months from ENORASIS partner IUNG-PIB . The first one entitled “The capabilities for optimization of water use in agricultural irrigation in Poland” was organized on September 8th 2014 in JAAK conference room in Kolonia Laziska , close to one of JAAK’s fields, where ENORASIS farm pilot was located (...

  • 03/11/2014 ENORASIS policy workshop in Turkey- A new approach to irrigation management

    On October 15th 2014, a workshop entitled "A new approach to irrigation management- ENORASIS" took place at Adnan Menderes  Üniversitesi, in Aydin, Turkey. 94 representatives from agricultural authorities and irrigation water management associations, farmers, representatives from farmers cooperatives, agriculturalists and students attended the workshop that consisted of a session with...

  • 13/10/2014 Presentation of ENORASIS at IWA 2014 Congress & Exhibition

    Hakan Djuma from The Cyprus Institute presented two outputs from ENORASIS Project at the International Water Association World Water Congress & Exhibition in Lisbon (http://www.iwa2014lisbon.org/). He gave an oral presentation titled: "Is water pricing facilitating adoption of advanced irrigation management technologies in Europe?" The presentation was co-authored by Adriana Bruggeman and...

  • 13/10/2014 ENORASIS Final Conference at IRLA 2014 International Symposium

    The major dissemination event of ENORASIS FP7 Project, the  Final Conference entitled "The future of sustainable irrigation management in Europe" will be hosted as a parallel event at IRLA 2014 International Symposium "The effects of irrigation and drainage on Rural and Urban Landscapes" at Patras, Greece on November 27th 2014.  ENORASIS Final Conference will be a full day event,...

  • 30/07/2014 Story on ENORASIS published in HORIZON 2020 website


  • 04/07/2014 ENORASIS presented on Sigma TV (Cyprus)

    CyI researcher Marinos Eliades presents ENORASIS on Sigma TV (Cyprus) on World Environment Day 2014. View the video (in greek)!

  • 23/06/2014 ENORASIS platform demonstration and site visit of Cyprus ENORASIS pilot (Phassouri Plantations Co) on June 24th 2014 (Limassol, Cyprus)

    We are in the pleasant position to invite you to ENORASIS platform demonstration workshop that will be held on June 24th 2014 at Limassol District Agricultural Office, with the cooperation of Cyprus Institute (ENORASIS partner) and Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment.  After the platform demonstration, participants will have the chance to observe ENORASIS...